Today started as a very chilly day. Many campers were wearing sweatpants down to the showers. During our morning activities, there were many tennis matches. There was also batting instruction, a gold mine specie, and a huge turnout for crew, 35 campers! During morning soak the club song competition finally opened up, with the first club to sing the entire song correctly earning 60 points. In the afternoon the final Junior baseball game took place. Adrian Davies Sponsored by Sysco, and Peter Davies Don’t call me Pavies squared off. After a long battle Peter’s team arrived victorious, the score was 5-1. For dinner and campfire the council council game took place. The game was spectacular. Matt Woolverton’s team was pitted against Taylor West’s. In between innings the grounds crew performed skits, sang, and raked the field. Taylor West and his team came out victorious, winning 4-1. Dinner was a combination of chicken nuggets and fries as we watched the game. The night concluded with free time and happy campers.