Today was a good day at camp. In the morning, most activities were open. There was a canoeing trip to the head of Lake Newfound. At sailing, there was training for regatta starts. Baseball featured pitching and batting instruction for Juniors in preparation for their game in the afternoon. The Junior crew boats went out to practice for their fast-approaching races, and there were a number of Water Sports competitions, like canoe tilts and dinghy races. After a scrumptious lunch and a much-needed rest, afternoon activities began. There was another canoeing trip, this time to One Tree Island, as well as a Junior League baseball game featuring Mark Kirby’s team and Alex Horvat’s team. Due to thunder and what looked like a storm, the game was postponed. The score ended up 3-0 in favor of Mark Kirby’s team. There was also scheduled Shop to get projects moving toward their finishing stages, and some “Navy Seal Training” at the waterfront, complete with underwater swimming and stealthy diving. The highlight of the day was a concert by legendary western folk singer Skip Gorman. Skip sang old cowboy songs that told campers about life as a cowboy. It was an incredible performance. Overall, it was a great day.