Today we woke to a chilly morning and had a hearty breakfast of cheesy eggs, potatoes, and ham. The sub-junior doubles finals tennis match started and it was a matchup between Juan Diez and Bauer Brown and Malcolm Klingler and Fairfax Randall. The first set Juan and Bauer won 6-4. The second went to Klingler and Randall also 6-4. The third and final set had to be postponed due to play rehearsals. When the teams returned Juan and Bauer won the match with a final set of 6-4. Malcolm and Fairfax then played in the single tennis finals and Fairfax won 6-1 and 6-2 to win the final. The junior league baseball championship was also played on Hobbs Field this morning. Hunter Harris hit his first Hobbs field home run, and his team went on to win the championship. In the afternoon the senior league teams played their championship game with a matchup between Taylor West’s Multisport Athletes and Charlie Ramquist’s Green Eggs and Ham. The game ended 19-11 in favor of Taylor West’s team. In the evening we had Varied Option, play rehearsals, and taps to wrap up our day.