Tuesday, August 7th—Yesterday, August 7, 2018,  camp woke to a humid and hot day. The cold showers in the morning were welcomed by all and even wanted because of the heat. We ate English muffins, eggs, and ham for breakfast and then, after the duty period, we moved on to the morning activity period where baseball and tennis both had final matchups. In baseball, the Sub-Junior Final took place, and it ended up going into extra innings for a final score of 2-1 in favor of Dom Taylor’s team. In tennis, there were the Senior Singles Finals, which Simon Brown ended up winning, and Bo Turnage and Henry Brown won the Junior Doubles Final. There were also open activities throughout the hillside. There was then a 11:45 Soak and Glade/Theater play rehearsals which were followed by a lunch of tacos. In the activity period following rest, there was a Senior Semifinals baseball game, a snorkeling specie, open shop, open small boats work, and numerous other activities. However, half way through the activity period there was a thunderstorm so most activities were postponed. That night we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner followed by Varied Option for Campfire.