Tuesday, August 9th — Camp awoke to a chilly morning, but the cold and humidity did little to dampen everyone’s enthusiasm. The highlight of the morning activity period was the Diving Competition, which saw Spencer Campbell edged out by Jack Anderson in a close contest. There was also a canoeing and drawing specie to Mr. Vinnie’s Rock in Pasquaney cove, led by Mr. Matthai. With dress rehearsals for both the Theatre and Glade Plays to come later in the day, preparations at stage crew were in full swing. During lunch, the camp sang “Happy Birthday” to counsellor Bill Talley, and the chapel collection went around to support summer camp programs like the Mayhew Program and the Circle Program. The big event of the afternoon was the Senior League Baseball championship between Will Davies’s team and Alex Horvat’s team, which the former team, led by Will’s powerful pitching, won in definitive fashion (8-1). Additional offerings included a canoeing specie to the head of the lake to pick blueberries, accompanied by a few rowers. Much to everyone’s surprise and delight, former camper and counsellor Dave Madeira showed up unexpectedly on his paddle board and joined in for some football. In the evening, all those involved in the two Water Sports plays had their dress rehearsals, and the rest of camp enjoyed a variety of campfire options. All collapsed into bed after a long day.