Tuesday, July 10th—We woke up to a frothy 60 degree day. Shortly following the meal and duty period, activities started. Today, we had open nature trail for those seeking to get their naturalist. The shop was open for a variety of project work. On the baseball field, there was some fielding instruction to prepare for the ball game in the afternoon. On the tennis courts, there were some older boy matches and tennis instruction. At the waterfront, there were some Junior obstacle races and one Senior canoe tilt in addition to scheduled Senior boat crew. After play rehearsals and lunch, there was a trunk inspection during rest, and some people got caught hiding dirty commissary gear and clothes in their trunks! Following rest, the highlight of the afternoon was a Senior league baseball game between Levi Tyler’s Moisty Myers and Taylor West’s In Humble Tasks We Serve Her West. Nature had a snorkeling specie, and shop was both open and scheduled for project work. Tennis had a few matches and open instruction. At the waterfront, the sailboats were out and there were a few canoe tilts happening when all of a sudden thunder was heard and everything was brought to a screeching halt for the afternoon. This led to longer club skit rehearsals before dinner! Campfire for the evening was varied option, followed by mines and prayers.