We woke up at 7am, had the normal activity period and soak. At the start of the activity period, we had the normal afternoon schedule, but we were taking caution due to the incoming storm. During the afternoon activity period, wind suddenly started blowing hard and rain was pouring down. The COD sounded the windstorm alarm and all the campers rushed under their bunks to take cover. We then waited a few moments until the wind died down and everyone was allowed to move around the dorms. Looking around we realized there was a power outage and a tree had fallen over and lifted the mines pipe up and disconnected it. While the campers were hanging out in the dorms, the waterfront council went down and reorganized the waterfront. Dinner was served with plastic cutlery and we all ate dinner in the dimly lit mem hall. After dinner we completed our duties during which the facilities team repaired the mines and restored power to all of camp. Then we ended the eventful day with varied option followed by mines, prayers, and taps. All in all it was a great day!