Tuesday began comfortably with warm sun until heavy rain soaked the hillside after lunch. In the morning, there was a canoeing specie to Mr. Vinnie’s Rock and Julien Maldonado became the first basic canoer of the summer after rigorous testing. The senior canoe tilt tournament began as well. Amidst the pouring rain after lunch a strict trunk inspection was conducted. Later on, in the afternoon, there was a tree identification competition on the hillside. Anthony Ramirez was crowned as champion of the trees. On Hobbs Field, Stone Harris’s baseball team beat Mark Kirby’s team in a game for the ages. At dinner Gary whipped up a delicious spaghetti and meatball main course followed by an immensely popular dessert of warm bread pudding. For campfire, clubs met to discuss their skits, and many great ideas circulated. The excitement continued to grow as campers drifted off to sleep under the starlit sky.