Tuesday, July 17th—On Tuesday, July 17th, Camp Pasquaney awoke to a humid and sweaty 70° morning. After breakfast and the duty period, the entire camp headed down to the waterfront for swims. Merely two heats of senior swims were completed before the competition was postponed when thunder was heard. The activity period continued with rainy-day activities, such as reading and writing in the library, open shop, and a discussion of cosmology with Townley. During freetime, there were full cast Theater, Glade, and Trustees Weekend play rehearsals. Following lunch and rest, we went off to a soggy activity period with open shop, yoga in Baird Hall, continued swims, and Ultimate Frisbee on the ballfield. For dinner, we ate chicken fajitas and burritos, and for campfire we enjoyed a Varied Option period filled with loop-running, body circuits, readings from counsellors, and a jam session on Cardigan porch. To wrap up the day, we brushed our teeth during mines and prayed in Dana before retiring to our bunks for some much-needed sleep.