Tuesday, July 19th started off with a humid and sweaty morning. A strong breeze was blowing across the hillside, making for an exhilarating morning of sailing. The tennis courts were closed due to Monday’s rain and canoe tilts were canceled due to the heavy wind. After a delicious lunch, there was a senior league ball game between Teddy Marquet’s team and Adrian Davies’s team. The game involved great pitching and a triple play. The wind also picked up even more for the sailors this afternoon, and the canoers embarked on a white water specie to the Bristol Gorge. Raging water caused every boat to flip during this trip. Nature went to the Sculpture Rocks for a swimming specie. After dinner, the camp gathered in Baird hall for Campfire, which was a historical slideshow from 1929. During this time the 16-year-olds rehearsed for their upcoming skit. After a long and fulfilling day, the campers listened to Taps in bed.