It was a warm and windless day. The Short Walk left, and the duty list changed… again. Since the Short Walk and the Long Walk are now gone, half of the tables in Memorial Hall are closed and camp is quieter. For the morning, there was scheduled and open shop with scheduled box-making, open sailing, and the rest of the activities were scheduled for specific campers. For afternoon activities there was a trail-working specie to Grey Rocks, a baseball game between Alex Horvat’s team and Stone Harris’s team (Stone’s team won 15-4.), scheduled tennis matches, and other activities were open. After soak, there was an overnight specie to Belle Island and play rehearsals. That night we had varied option campfire for the second day in a row. The options were basketball, lacrosse, a book reading by Mr. Talley, and reading and writing. It was a more humid and hot evening, so many campers took showers to keep cool. Finally, we had mines and prayers.