Showers that felt colder than usual marked the start of a new day. For activities, there was fort building in nature, box making in the shop for new boys making a Pasquaney Chest, open baseball and tennis. At the waterfront, numerous water sport competitions such as Senior canoe tilts made for an exciting morning. Thanks to some of the best wind of the summer, there was also open sailing. All six 420 sailboats went out on the water and sailed across the lake. At the boathouse, there was scheduled crew, open canoeing, and diving on the diving raft. After soak, there were play rehearsals for all three plays and free time before a 1:00 lunch. During the afternoon activity period, there was snorkeling at nature to Perch Rock. The wind continued to be great, so sailing was open along with more open canoeing and diving. Once the activity period was over, the second club skit rehearsals followed. Another night of varied option made for a great end to a great day.