Tuesday, June 26th—The first activity period of the day consisted of some fun and games for tennis and baseball, a lot of project planning in the wood shop, and some swimming and canoeing. In the afternoon activity period, Jake Holton led a canoeing specie to the Pemi River. They proudly told camp that they went through a flooded, abandoned town and that it was the first canoeing specie to go to that section of the Pemi. Meanwhile, on the hillside, baseball had some pitching and batting instruction. After dinner, Rich, Charlie Pink, Matthias, and Conway held a game show in the Watson Theater. It featured games like “Face the Cookie,” “Guess Those Legs,” and Trivia, but the highlight of the night was the “Egg Roulette” showdown between Jafar and Matt Woolverton, where each counsellor had to smash hard-boiled eggs against their heads until they got the winning raw egg.