We woke to a drizzly 63º F morning. After prayers, led by COD Sam Randall, the camp flocked to mines and showers. For breakfast we had a fluffy, rich, and savory pairing of eggs and bacon. For the AM activity period, some notable things were a Bristol Gorge fishing specie, an open build and design session at stage crew, pickle ball, and senior obstacle races. For lunch, we had creamy tomato soup along with a crunchy and flavourful grilled cheese. Some of the fun PM activities were wiffle ball, open diving, tennis instruction, and board games on Mem Hall porch. Afterwards we had dorm skit rehearsals in preparation for our dorm skit performances on Saturday night. Dinner that night was an amazing Taco Tuesday–a cacophony of fresh and refreshing guac, and salsa with some classic group beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and rice. As if the day couldn’t be any better, it was also game show night. Rich Desalvo and Issac Garcia were the hosts while Martin Cristobal and Curtis Conner were the team captains. Even though Martin’s team was about to win–Brewer Stone picked the lucky golden egg during egg roulette and got Curtis’s team the win. All in all it was a great day!

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