Today at prayers, the COD Jules Finney told us that the temperature was a balmy 66 degrees (the warmest it has been yet). After this we enjoyed tasty breakfast sandwiches that our great chef Gary made for us. During the activity period the lake was pretty still and it was a great morning for canoeing and crew. Also in the morning the Hobbs Field opening ceremonies were going to be held but, due to the misplacement of the flag and the cannon, they would move it to another day. This did not stop the baseball counselors from hosting the first Mountain League game. Down at the Bathhouse campers were swimming their half-miles all day. In the afternoon, the canoeing counsellors took some campers on a specie to the Bristol Gorge. It was recorded that Reed Wilson and Aidan Biglow were the first two successful people to surf down to the Bristol Gorge in a canoe. Counsellors Jack Reigeluth and Jake Matthai were over-confident and ended up being the only ones to flip their canoe in the whole specie. Everyone got home safely and enjoyed a dinner where the four senior baseball captains were announced. They are: Stone Harris, Roderick Caperton, Will Davies, and Alex Horvat. For campfire, Mr. Vinnie read ‘Colleges While You Wait’ in Baird Hall. We had a cool night with a pleasant rainfall.