Today was another very fun and exciting day on the hillside for a number of reasons. We benefited from very nice weather throughout the day, which allowed for many enjoyable activities. In the morning, there was a canoeing specie to the Cockermouth River, in which we studied the water, with factors such as temperature, acidity and oxygen content. Baseball had pitching and batting instruction, as well as frisbee. A number of new campers swam their half-mile, while sailboats were able to get onto the water. In the afternoon, in nature, there was the first salamander walk of the year, with a very successful observation of numerous invertebrates. There also was tennis-ball tag in sailing, additional half-miles, and scheduled crew. By far the most exciting part of the day was the annual Pasquaney Game Show, which took place in the Watson Theater after dinner. There were many games, such as cultural and historical trivia, toilet-paper mummy, competitive sweeping, and a camp-wide rock-paper-scissors tournament. Porter Barnes was the decisive asset for his team’s victory through his efforts in the egg roulette contest. He successfully selected three raw eggs out of the dozen hard boiled eggs to smash against his head, to the delight of the audience. Overall, it was yet another very enjoyable day on the hillside!