We set one weekend for visits because of parent concerns that too many parent visits diminished the value of the boys’ having a summer away from home. Seeing their friends receive visitors multiple weekends often made the summer more difficult for boys whose parents could not visit or visited once. A number of parents wanted other parents to know that a visit is not at all essential.

If you are in the area after the first visiting weekend and would like to come for our Saturday night entertainment or Sunday Chapel, you are welcome. If your son is in the Trustees Weekend Play, we would also, of course, welcome your visit for that.

If you have an important conflict on the visitor weekend, please contact Mr. Michael about the possibility of visiting on the subsequent weekend.



3:00pm-5:30pm:  Visiting Time.  Some boys may be scheduled for an activity, and you are welcome to join them at its location.  If they are unscheduled, they are free to take you on a camp tour.  Please do not take them off campus. At 5:30 boys have skit rehearsal commitments.

5:30pm-7:30pm: Pasquaney Family Picnic. Please park in the field below the chapel and walk down to the waterfront cookout area, between the bathhouse and the boathouse. If there is inclement weather, the picnic will take place at the bathhouse. Campers will have dinner in Memorial Hall so that they have time to get ready for their skits.

8:00pm:  Club Skits. Please park in the field below the chapel. There will be a shuttle service to the theater from the waterfront and the field below the chapel starting at 7:30. You are also welcome to walk up. Flashlights are recommended.


11:30am: Chapel.

General Weekend Notes:

Except for visiting time on Saturday from 3 -5:30, please steer clear of the dorm area for the boys’ privacy. Because of our ‘unplugged’ lifestyle, please be discreet if any cell phone use is required.

If parents and their families want access to the lake during the weekend, they are welcome to use the Gemmill Lodge.  But no campers, please. Our boats are not available for family use.

The Historical Museum will be open from 3-5:00 on Saturday, and before and after chapel on Sunday.  Feel free to stop by.