Wednesday, August 10th — When we woke today, it was raining, but it wasn’t a normal morning because the 16-year-olds cooked breakfast. They served the counsellors coffee outside of Dana, which was very funny. For breakfast, the 16-year-olds made us savory and dessert crepes. There was a lot of ice cream, doughnuts, and smoothies. It was a very nice breakfast and a perfect way to start the day. After breakfast, we did our duties, and then we had the morning activity period. Activities like tennis were closed because of the rain, but it was a perfect day to work in the shop. A lot of campers finished their projects. In the afternoon, we watched the Glade Play, The Mouse That Roared, followed by a meal of eggs and bacon for dinner. The day ended with singing and then the second-to-last Circles. It was a good day, one of the last of the summer.