Wednesday, August 10th started with an array of punishing screams. Any grogginess was overshadowed by the sounds of the belting 16-year-old campers. Breakfast was a total sugar overload: milkshakes, sherbet, more sugar… but everything was well balanced by the savory taste of bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. After this scrumptious, savory, and sugary snack we had a brief duty period as usual for the Pasquaney day. An exciting activity period followed. The main event of the morning was the annual Camp Pasquaney diving competition, held on the Grand Pasquaney Diving Raft. A whopping 18 people would go on to perform a tremendous total of 100 dives during the activity period. Each person had to prove their worth by completing the swan, pike, and back dive. In other great areas of the hillside, campers were finishing projects in the shop, walking the nature trail, sailing, and other various activities that they chose from the cornucopia of options. Later in the day, we had burgers and fries for lunch, then a refreshing rest (sugar still digesting). Several seniors competed for the four-man canoe race plaquage, and the victors can be found in writing in Memorial Hall, or in the canoeing section of the 2022 Pasquaney Annual. Following the activity period, the Glade Play team put on a wonderful production of “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” featuring Elliot Randolph as the devil, Grey Durham as Daniel, and Teddy Marquet as the poor New Hampshire man who made a sour deal with the devil. Our Wednesday ended with lovely singing and circles.