Today was a crazy, interesting, and fun-packed day. In the morning all the campers were woken up by all the sixteen-year-olds in costumes. I remembered it was the sixteen-year-old breakfast! At breakfast all the campers were served chocolate milk, strawberry smoothies, pancakes with M&M’s, and bacon. The breakfast was a delicious way to start the day. In the morning activity period, the highlight was a fly-fishing specie with Kirk and Sam Denious. After rest a historic event took place when Henry Valk, Peyton McElroy, Stewart Denious, Peter Millspaugh, and staff Jake Holton and Mike Grant erected a new Pasquaney flagpole. In the afternoon activity period a Senior Tennis Doubles Championship took place. Rob Harvey and Ben Russakoff beat Aiden Biglow and Max Matthes in a very well fought match. Also a Junior Canoe Tilt took place. Ford Cousin and Jack Riggs beat Stone Harris and Atticus Hickman in a great one-and-a-half hour tilt, which ended in knockdowns. All the campers headed over to the Glade for the Glade play. The play was The Devil and Daniel Webster. The play was so much fun to watch. Finally, it was time for dinner, and Conor Finn was CO-Swapped. The pranks were very funny. All in all, it was a good day.