Wednesday, August 1st—Camp woke up eager to see what the council had in store for breakfast. Campers crowded around Mem Hall Porch reading the menu. It was a spicy Mexican breakfast, and everyone was happy to see that hot chocolate was involved. The Council Breakfast was great. Everybody loved it. Never had the campers ever had such a delicious meal to start their day. Duties followed the amazing breakfast, and activities ensued. Campers hustled down to Soak and back up for play rehearsals and free time, during which a chess tournament occurred. Josh Chiosi vs Jack Rags. Chiosi had a strong opening, unlike anything Jack Rags had ever seen. Jack Rags lost terribly. A rainy day activity period followed rest, so the scheduled ballgame was canceled. Everyone packed their gear for Overnight Not-Joe’s, and, as everybody headed their separate ways, it started raining. Not-Joe’s were fun. A camper consensus determined that good food was served for dinner. All in all, it was an A-OK-Day!