Camp awakened to Reveille, buzzing with excitement for one of the biggest camp days; Council Breakfast and Overnight Not-Joe’s. The Council Breakfast consisted of an appetizer of buttered scones, a side of mixed fruit, and a main of breakfast quesadillas packed full of peppers, onions, cheese, chorizo, guac, sour cream, and salsa. Packed full of food, campers reluctantly moved on to activities such as a Beaver Pond specie at Nature, the senior boat flotilla at crew, and all the usual activities. Lunch was a delicious tortellini that was lacking in quantity, resulting in many hungry campers. That was no problem, though, as Rest and activities arrived before the campers knew it. A senior baseball game was played between Adrian Davies’s team and Wyatt Winstead’s team. Adrian Davies’s team ended up winning the very close game 6-5. Finally, after some free time, Overnight Not-Joe’s began at 6:10. Some locations were the boathouse, bathhouse, the Larochelle’s house, and the Spathe. My group ate steak, kayaked, played mafia and one night werewolf, and fell asleep after a short story read by Rich DeSalvo. All-in-all, it was a pretty awesome day.