The day got off to a great start with Marco blowing a crisp Reveille. For the Council Breakfast, all the tables were greeted with pitchers of strawberry smoothie, cinnamon rolls, and hot chocolate. After that the counsellors served pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. After many bowls of M&Ms (a pancake topping) under their belts, Pasquaney charged into the duty period. For morning activities, a lot of boats were scheduled for crews to prepare for the upcoming races. There was also a Phelps’ Family Farm blueberry specie which was in high demand. During announcements for lunch, the club counsellors aggressively encouraged their campers to get their naturalist. At the beginning of the activity period, a chipmunk named Townley Chisholm, Jr. was released back into the wild. Ian Caperton then won the sub-junior tennis final. On Hobbs Field, there was the first few innings of a Senior League ball game between DJ Mills’ and Isaac Garcia’s teams, which will be continued another day. Following a bit of free time, campers headed to overnight Not Joe’s.