The boom of the cannon and screams of the 16 year olds jolted us out of our bunks. Their crazy costumes rallied us to Mem Hall for their wonderful breakfast which consisted of some sweet delicacies such as Oreo milkshakes as well as hearty omelets organized by Porter Barnes. In the morning activity period, sub juniors had their final 25 yard swim final and the bonfire continued to make headway. Activities stopped at 10:45 to make time for the Glade Play which was pushed early due to expected weather in the afternoon. The performances by the cast of Uncle Vanya were captivating and moving. The shop finished up its last open activity period and the weather, as predicted, came down with a vengeance. We charged on throughout the day despite the showers and gathered at Baird Hall our final singing rehearsal. We ran through the entire program uninterrupted and went to bed feeling accomplished, all the while hoping for better weather tomorrow.