We woke to Reveille and the sixteen-year-olds dressed up in costumes from the theater. They were banging on pots and pans with spoons to wake us all up. After the typical morning routine, the sixteen year olds served us breakfast, which consisted of cinnamon buns, taquitos, and crepes. They also made smoothies, horchata, fruit juice, and the best of all– milk shakes!!!! During the activity period, it was so windy that the sailors had to wear helmets during the Regatta. In nature, there was a Sculptured Rock specie and a running specie. Other highlights include the beginning of the first ever Pasquaney Open, a baseball golf event, and a white water swimming safety specie in canoeing. We then had the Glade Play, which was a production of All in the Timing by David Ives, a series of short comedic skits directed by Olivier Bijoux and Hunter McGuire. After that we then ran a Water Sports rehearsal in singing. We ended the night with prayers, Circles, and Taps.

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