Camp woke to a gloomy 60° day and light showers. After a scrumptious breakfast, we were ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately, the rain intensified, resulting in some rainy-day activities such as improv in Baird Hall. After a busy activity period despite the rain, each dorm gathered for their skit rehearsals, to be performed this coming Saturday. Once skit rehearsals ended, camp gathered at Mem Hall for a delicious lunch, followed by the announcement that the Mary Lamb would be open and there would be Not Joe’s for dinner. Once all the campers had received their precious candy from the Mary Lamb, they headed off to their Not Joe groups for a nice picnic somewhere on the hillside. For campfire the camp went to Baird Hall for singing, which was led by Martin Millspaugh. Mines and prayers followed campfire, and the day ended with circles. Once circles ended, the campers tucked themselves into their sleeping bags after a long and busy day.