This morning we woke at 7:00 am after a cold night. 7:01 prayers in Dana; 57º overcast. The showers were cold as always and the smell of mint toothpaste filled the air. Breakfast was good: waffles with Kirk’s syrup. Most campers left the meal to pack bags for hikes, but some stayed at Mem Hall to make sandwiches. We then piled into buses and left for hikes. First walk had a hike that was far from uneventful. Three-quarters of the way up the mountain, they were passed by several state troopers and EMS; on their way back down the mountain, the walkers encountered the team again and were asked if they could assist in the rescue operation. In what seemed like urgent times, the Pasquaney boys put others before themselves and assisted in the evacuation of the person in need, a woman who was unable to walk, speak, or barely move. She was put onto a stretcher, and they lifted her up. The Pasquaney boys jumped at every chance to help, switching off every 100 feet, and they carried her to safety. The 1st Walk was a great representation of camp’s values off campus. The 1st Walk arrived during supper because of the time taken by the rescue, entering Mem Hall to the applause of the rest of camp. Driving the camp van in to pick up the 1st Walk – the 2nd Walk had been sent home on the school bus because of the delay -, Doug Camp met a member of the Fish and Game rescue squad who called the 1st Walk “the most incredible group of young men I have ever worked with.” The rescued woman called camp to thank the Walk a few days later, saying that she was now back home from the hospital and that she had no idea how long the rescue would have taken without their assistance.