Wednesday, June 12 — We woke up to a crisp 60 degrees. The sun was in the sky and we continued with the morning routine.  Hikes today! We skipped the duty period and prepared for the trails ahead. I was on the Fifth Walk and we hiked Osceola. The view from the summit was amazing. As the afternoon approached it got beautifully humid and hot. A cold soda from the Mary Lamb awaited us as we returned. We went in for Soak and then enjoyed delicious chicken tenders for dinner. Overall, it was a fantastic day. 

(Editor’s Note: 1st Walk hiked the Franconias; 2nd Walk, Liberty and Little Haystack; 3rd Walk, Osceola; 4th Walk, Welch and Dickey; 5th Walk, Cardigan and Firescrew; 6th Walk, Firescrew and Cardigan.)