Today was the first hikes day after expeditions. The day started out mostly cloudy with enough sun to dry the trails for hikes. We had a delicious breakfast of chocolate croissants with eggs and bacon. The walks were as follows: First Walk hiked Mt. Garfield, Second Walk hiked Mt. Canon, Third and Fourth Walk hiked Mt. Cardigan and Firescrew, and the Fifth Walk hiked up Welch and Dickey. On First Walk, we drove over to the Francs, dropped Second Salk off at Franconia Notch, and drove the rest of the way to the Garfield Trailhead. Fifth through Third Walk arrived back at camp on time, but First and Second walks arrived just before five o’clock and were thankfully just able to get sodas at the Mary Lamb. We had free time until dinner, which was stir fry, spring rolls, and noodles; it was devoured by most tables, and a thanks was given to Chef Billy for the meal. Next, campfire was a reading of “The Most Dangerous Game” by Mr. Micheal. It ended pretty late, so we ended the day with a quick and efficient Mines without showers. Finally, Ryder Hopkins played a crisp Taps.

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