Wednesday, July 13th We woke up on Wednesday to reveille and after morning inspection and prayers we headed over to breakfast. After this, we prepared for hikes, which was nice because we had no duties. We then hopped on buses to go to our different mountains that we were hiking. Sixth and fifth walk hiked Welch and and Dickey, fourth and third walk hiked Cardigan and Firescrew and second and first walk hiked Moosilauke. All hikes were completed successfully and without injury. After hikes, we headed back down to camp and got our drinks at the Mary Lamb, which was followed by a soak. We headed back up to camp for extended free time and play rehearsals. Afterwards, we had a yummy dinner then a hilarious reading [the first two chapters of The Story of Pasquaney and Rebecca Rule’s “Perley Gets a Dump Sicker”] by Mr. Vinnie, followed by Mines, prayers, and taps.

—Brewer Stone (JSF); Esteban Yañez, COD