Today is July 13th. It was hikes day.  I was on the 6th walk in the third group. We slinky-ed up Welch for a good 2 hours. At the top we saw the 5th walk come. We said hello and then went on our way. We walked the ridge in good time to Dickey. We relaxed for 20 min before making a bet we could make it down before 7:45 PM. I think we made it because we beat the second and third groups of walk 5. We had a short bus ride back to camp where the favorite soda was Dr. Pepper once again. Back at the bathhouse we had a nice refreshing soak. After that we had a lot of free time and Townley joined a wall ball game. At 5:00 there was supposed to be play rehearsals, but the 1st walk was really late so it was moved to 5:30. All in all, it was a good day of hikes.