We woke as usual from the bugle to a nice lukewarm hike-day morning. Following the morning routine, camp had a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon before setting off to the trails. The 1st walk had to leave quickly because they had an arduous and extended hike up Moosilauke and many other small mountains. 2nd walk hiked a more standard version of Moosilauke, 3rd walk hiked Mt. Garfield, 4th walk hiked Cannon, and 5th walk summited Cardigan and Firescrew. After hikes, we enjoyed rehearsal-less free time due to the scattered arrivals of hiking groups. We finished off the day with a grand dinner of sloppy joe’s, and for campfire there was a reading by Doug Camp of Steven King short story “The Ledge.” After followed mines, prayers and Taps.

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