Wednesday, July 20th Today started off as any other day. In the morning activity period there was talent show work in the theater, scheduled tennis matches and fun and games on the tennis courts. There was open sailing and Junior canoe races down at the waterfront. The highlight of the morning was a blueberry specie to Kirk Phelps’s house. After rest, the afternoon activity period brought with it a Sub-Junior baseball game between Bob Zhang’s team and Simon Brown’s team. The final score was 12-0 with Simon Brown’s team winning. There was also scheduled sailing racing and a canoeing specie to the Bristol Gorge. For campfire, there was Varied Option, which featured many different activities. These included basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, reading and writing, a freestyle rap circle, and also a reading by Stewart Denious of “The Most Dangerous Game.” All in all, it was a great Pasquaney day.