Yesterday in nature, campers made birch beer (which is made from sugar and black birch branches, which smell like root beer). In the morning, we had the first round of the swim races. For the Sub-Junior activity division, it was a 25-yard race, for the Juniors, a 50-yard race, and for the Seniors, a 75-yard race. In the afternoon, there was a canoeing specie to a difficult whitewater section of the Bristol Gorge for the most advanced paddlers in camp. A highlight of the afternoon was the Water Olympics down at the waterfront, which included the following events: long jump off the dock, boarding a dinghy and swimming it to shore, and treading water while singing the national anthem of the represented country. Team Senegal, consisting of Sebastian Petersen and Wesley Richardson, emerged as winners. At baseball, Levi Tyler’s “Frequent Flyers” defeated Reugan McCahan’s “Also Rans” (6-0). There was also an overnight canoeing and camping specie to Belle Island. At dinner, Brewer Stone was awarded with the first Basic Sailor of the year in an announcement featuring Timmy Jenkins in a wig and dress. Campfire was varied option. Options included a coxswain instruction session, lacrosse on the baseball field, freestyle rap on Dana Porch, and basketball. All in all, it was a fun, busy day.