Today we woke up to the sun as it greeted us for the first time in two days. It was the final hikes day of the summer for most of us. After a quick and efficient breakfast in our activity clothes, 5th and 6th walk loaded into the buses ready to do Moosilauke, featuring the Beaver Brook Trail. 3rd and 4th walk headed to the Francs, 3rd walk doing Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette and 4th walk doing Liberty and Little Haystack. It was a long day for everyone, 5th and 6th walk just barely beating 3rd and 4th back to camp around 5 o’clock. For campfire, everyone enjoyed a reading from Mr. Vinnie which was a brand new story, “Leiningen vs. the Ants.” Around 9:30 everyone got comfortably in their bunks as they slept soundly through the peaceful night.