Wednesday, July 26th—This Wednesday was the fourth and final Hikes Day. It was a sunny day. The Fifth and Sixth Walks hiked opposite sides of Moosilauke and passed each other at the top for a quick lunch: sunbutter. The Fourth Walk hiked Franconia Ridge, and the Third Walk trudged up Garfield. No Second or First Walk took place due to the Long Walk. All walks arrived back at camp pretty late. Time waiting for the bus was spent picking raspberries while both walks sat on opposite bases of Moosilauke. Dinner was pushed back to 7 o’clock and only cold upper camp showers were held until then. After that, a reading was held in Baird Hall describing the first days of camp. Long awaited sleep came quickly on a night neither cold nor hot. Perfect conditions after hikes. It was a long, agonizingly patient day, but it was fun and worth it all the while, just like every Wednesday at camp.