Today we had hikes. It was our final hikes day of the season, which also meant it was the most difficult hikes. Long walk and Short Walk were gone, so there was only Third, Fourth, and Fifth Walks. Fifth walk had a great hike up Moosilauke, and they got back in time for them to have sodas. Fourth walk had a good hike as well up Liberty and Little Haystack with the longest part being a descent of 3.2 miles. Third walk also had a great hike up a Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette. Fourth and Third Walk got back around 6:10 PM and did not get sodas! The campfire was supposed to be a slideshow, but because of technical difficulties it was a reading by Mr. Michael. This was followed by an early mines, prayer, and Taps, but “It don’t make no difference,” as Mr. Michael said in the reading, and everyone slept well.

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