Yesterday, July 27th was the last mandatory hikes day. The four hikes consisted of Lincoln, Lafayette, Little Haystack, Liberty, and Moosilauke. My Walk, second walk, did Liberty first, then Little Haystack last. It first began with the hour drive to the Lafayette campground. Once we arrived, we began our 8.5-mile trek. The annoying part about the hike was the 50 people from one camp on a single hike. They were loud and wouldn’t let us pass them. The cool part about the hike was that there were military planes flying above us. However, we could not enjoy it that much because the Liberty Springs Trail was super steep. Once we reached the top of Liberty we had our lunch which consisted of sun butter and jelly sandwiches and fig newtons. While eating we enjoyed the show of military planes flying right above our noses. Around 2:00 we headed over to Little Haystack. Once we reached the summit of the mountain, we took a five minute break and then headed straight down. We arrived back to camp around 5:45. For dinner we had chicken pot pie. To end the night Mr. Michael did a reading that started late, but that “Don’t make NO difference!” We then had Mines, Prayers, and Taps.