Today, camp woke up to a brisk morning ready for our last hikes to begin. Third Walk hiked Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette, Third Walk hiked Liberty and Little haystack, Fifth Walk hiked Garfield, and Sixth Walk hiked Cannon. We had a late start and were brimming with energy as we stepped on the buses. The hike up Mt. Garfield started on a gradually inclining and rocky trail. When we got to the top we were amazed by a stunning view of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. We dropped our packs and began to devour our packed lunches of SunButter and jelly sandwiches, meat and cheese sandwiches, and oreos. Then we started to explore the rocky summit of the mountain and met a former camper who went to camp in the mid 2000’s. At two o’clock, we started down the way we came at a steady pace. We played games and kept each other amused by telling humorous riddles. However, the miles remaining still dragged on and our feet and legs ached, signalling the difficulty of the hike we were close to finishing. Once we got back to the bus, we realized we would be late to dinner, so we pushed dinner back fifteen minutes. For campfire, Mr. Micheal presented a slideshow about Pasquaney as it was in 1929. All in all it was a great day.