Wednesday, June 27th—Hikes day! After we ate our hearty eggs and sausage, we went to pack our bags and prepare for hikes. The First and Second Walks glided down to the buses which brought us to Cardigan and Firescrew. First Walk hiked up Cardigan and caught an amazing view, eating our lunch as we marveled at the sight. After a meal of soy nut butter and jelly sandwiches, we made our way to Firescrew. After a three-hour free time period, dinner awaited. Chicken tenders were our reward after a long day’s hike. During the meal, senior league captains were announced, the prestigious position going to Ballard Morton, Jimmy Bocock, Taylor West, and me, Levi Tyler! But the clouds rolled in, the Stanwood curtains dropped, and the rain fell in buckets. Everyone probably had a good night’s sleep.