Wednesday, June 28th — We woke to a cold 51 degrees and almost had optional showers. We went to Mem Hall for some sausage, egg, and cheese muffins before going back to the dorms to prepare for hikes. I was on the Second Walk and we took the bus with the First Walk. While we hiked up Cardigan and Firescrew, we talked about the NBA draft and who was going to go first overall. We stopped along the way to look at a couple of views. Each view we stopped to look at was beautiful because of the clear skies. We kept hiking up to Cardigan where we eventually stopped to eat our sandwiches. We came back down to see the other groups and get on the bus and head to the Mary Lamb. We all swarmed the entrance to the Lamb and asked for different sodas. We then jumped into the lake, which was freezing. We then had a normal camp day of free time followed by dinner and storytelling from Bubbles as the campfire. [Edit. Note: The Third Walk climbed Osceola; the Fourth, Welch and Dickey; and the FIfth and Sixth, Bear and Sugarloaf.]