It was the 5th day of camp and everyone had started to settle in. The day started at 58 degrees, but quickly warmed up. After prayers, showers and breakfast, everyone got ready for the day. It was Hikes Day so everyone grabbed their backpacks, water bottles, fleeces and raincoats. After grabbing sandwiches and doing a role call, campers headed to their buses. 1st and 2nd Walk went to Firescrew and Cardigan, 3rd and 4th Walk went to Tecumseh and Osceola, and finally 5th and 6th Walk went to Morgan and Percival. 6th Walk had climbed both summits and were almost back at the bus when they turned and saw two bear cubs. The cubs climbed up a tree as the mother bear walked forward. The counselors started banging rocks together and yelling as the campers backed up slowly. All of 6th Walk went through the underbrush until they found a trail leading back to the parking lot. All the campers in all the Walks headed to the Mary Lamb for sodas and then to the lake for a refreshing soak. Everyone had stories to tell about their hikes. After dinner, campers had Dorm Skit rehearsals and then Circles. All of camp listened to Taps as they fell asleep, ready for the next day.